We believe that the mission of Jesus, the mission to “go and make disciples,” is the mission of every church.  We also believe that every church should be committed to the clear teaching of Scripture and to doing the work of Christ in their community and the world.  In addition to these things, we believe that each church has a unique set of values, things that they are passionate about, that make it a unique expression of the body of Christ.  Here are our six core values:

1. We Love Our City:  We don’t care about being the best church IN our city, we want to be the best church FOR our city.  Our impact or success as a church will not be measured in how many people attend our services or how many activities we offer, but by how we are able to serve our community.  We want to see the broken parts of the Des Moines metro area transformed life by life and family by family.

2. Church That Makes Sense.  If we want to reach people that no one else is reaching, we have to present the Gospel in a way that is clear and can be understood by everyone.  We are committed to presenting the eternal truth of the Gospel in a way that is relevant to our culture.

3. Multiplication.  We are committed to starting or helping to start at least one new church each year.  We believe that the local church is the hope of the world and that the best way that we can help to bring transformation to our cities is through local churches.  We are also committed to developing leaders within our church.  We don’t believe that a church should be led by a chosen few, but that it should empower men and women for leadership.  This multiplication of leadership will allow us to grow as a church and in starting other churches.

4. Family Matters.  We will be a church that kids and youth love and where families are supported. Through Journey Kids and FUEL Student Ministry we offer top-quality ministry for children and youth that will give them a solid foundation for their faith.  We are committed to working with parents to instill Godly character in their kids.

5. Generosity.  We believe that it really is more blessed to give than to receive.  We will share our resources both locally in our community and internationally to benefit others.  We will share our resources and our time to benefit others as well.

6. Taking the Journey Together.  Community and relationships aren’t just buzzwords to us.  We believe it’s how God designed us to “do life” and that it’s His plan for the church.  Our Life Groups, mission trips, ministry teams, and other opportunities are designed to be “sticking points” where relationships are formed and community deepens.